The Magic of the Blue Hour

The transition between day and night can be such a natural wonder that everyone falls in love with it! Indeed, it creates a poetic setting as the world around us begins to slow down, instilling a feeling of stillness and mystery.

The Blue Hour is a particularly dark phase of the morning and evening twilight.
During this time, the sun is close to or after sunrise and sunset. In particular, during the evening Blue Hour, the sun has already crossed the horizon line and, just before total darkness, lengths of light dominate, colouring the sky in shades of deep blue and violet. This lack of direct sunlight makes everything around us soft and muffled. 

The Blue Hour does not have a well-defined regular time and, in addition, one should be aware that it does not last 60 minutes. Its start time varies with the change of seasons, geographical location and orientation, and can also be influenced by weather conditions. In fact, on average, it lasts around 20 to 40 minutes but can be even shorter.

You don’t need any special equipment to be able to shoot during the blue hour, most cameras now offer everything you need to bring home great shots. The use of a tripod can help you if you have to shoot with a long exposure, but I personally don’t like to use it because it makes me feel “stuck”, use the lowest ISO possible in order to limit noise and grain in the darkest parts of your image and compensate with the aperture when you need a bit more light. ( last tip but which applies to every time you shoot, only create in RAW )

In conclusion, go out and try to shoot during this wonderful moment, whether you are in nature, in the city or you want to try portraits, I swear to you that the magic of this moment is incredible and will make you fall in love.

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